Thursday, April 23, 2009

HVACR Industry Goes Green

A recent article in the Air Conditioning News mentioned how The Department of Energy addressed the HVACR industry about new programs as they pertain to the HVACR industry and the future green collar economy jobs. The presentation focused on the importance of having skilled technical personnel for making the potential benefits of energy-efficiency equipment a reality and where President Obama plans on investing billions of dollars into weatherization.

Weatherization is the practice of modifying a building to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency. The president is handing the HVACR industry a gift, those who decide to learn about the programs and adapt will be the winners in the green collar economy. The DOE’s largest science and energy laboratory is performing research and development across the energy sector in the areas of generation, distribution, and consumption.

Building energy use in this country is large and growing, it accounts for 72 percent of electrical consumption and 55 percent of natural gas consumption in the United States, The mission of the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMA) is to reduce the cost and environmental impact of the federal government, provide technical assistance to agencies applying advanced technologies in their energy projects (financed or direct-funded), and to create a Super Energy Savings Performance Contract program.

In the area of weatherization, the DOE is working to develop audit programs, weatherization assistance development and maintenance, state evaluation assistance, and lead-safe work practices. The DOE Building Technologies strategic goal is net zero energy buildings. A net zero energy building uses 60 to 70 percent less energy because of efficiency gains, with the balance of energy needs supplied by renewable technologies. The targets for zero energy technology being adopted in the markets are: residential by 2020, and commercial by 2025. The HVAC and Water Heating Program supporting goal is to develop equipment that has the potential to reduce HVAC/water heating energy use by 50 percent while providing better indoor humidity control with no increase in net monthly costs for mortgage and utilities.

The bottom line for us in this industry is a large opportunity for expanded education and job prospects in a field that’s exciting, challenging, and being your own boss. If you love to solve problems be creative and improve on existing technology this is the field for you. P.S. The money is also very good!

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